Sensor experts ifm electronic adapt MEMS accelerometers into compact and robust industrial housings.
All rotating plant relies on bearings, which can fail. ifm octavis can be applied economically to protect critical or expensive equipment such as:

  • motors / pumps
  • fans
  • compressors
  • mixers
  • gearboxes

Key options include:

  • simple fitting and setup
  • intuitive 'traffic light' display
  • dual stage alarms and trend data
  • TCP/IP simple ethernet / scada connection

VIBRATION – sensors and evaluation systems for machine diagnostics
Condition based monitoring is a proven and reliable method of improving plant efficiency. It can also be used as a key element to reduce unplanned maintenance costs and subsequent downtime.
Continuous and automatic vibration analysis systems can be used to support planned maintenance activities, whilst also providing predictive data which can be used to avoid catastrophic failures.
The low price per point ratio of the octavis condition monitoring equipment makes 24/7 monitoring of multiple assets affordable.

Vibration sensors and evaluation systems for machine diagnostics

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